Conditioned Response provides the principles, practices, and training for staying safe, armed or not.


  1. Intro to Carry – Firearms Safety and Function, and Permit to Carry considerations (no live fire)
  2. Advanced Handgun with movement and scenarios (current CCW permit is required to enroll) 
  3. Mental Composure and Stress Inoculation class
  4. Unarmed Self-Protection Fundamentals class

Personal protection is often viewed as a set of physical actions or techniques. Though that is true, under the intense stress of a survival situation, maintaining your mental and emotional composure is your first priority.

Why is that so important?

Regardless of the physical tactics you practice, the danger of becoming overwhelmed by fear/panic/stress that accompany a survival encounter is REAL.  Remaining balanced and composed is what allows us to utilize our practiced tactics.

Everyone “freezes.”  The variable is for how long.  Our training is purposed to minimize the amount of time you remain “frozen.”   This allows you to more quickly access practiced movements to escape or eliminate the threat.

Overwhelmed → Frozen → Fear/Panic → Victim.

Conditioned Response is built around Principles, not techniques.  This matters because conflict is fluid and each of us has strengths and limitations to our physicality.  By following Principles, you can practice the actions and movements you are capable of doing.

Why not just rely on a gun?  After all, you are providing Permit to Carry/CCW training.

The quickest path to “level the field” when size, skill, and experience are tilted remains the firearm.

  • What happens if you can not get to your gun?  – Hint:  Very likely.
  • What if you get to your gun and it does not stop the attacker? – Hint:  Likely.
  • How will a jury** view my actions?

** under none of the stress and fear you experienced, with 20/20 hindsight, and jurors that may disagree with 2A.

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