Permit to Carry

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Our mission is to help you prepare and practice to avoid or escape a threat to your safety, armed or not.  

MN/FL Permit to Carry and Personal Safety class

Saturday, March 17th  9:30 am – 1:30 pm.  



  1. Intro to Carry – Firearms Safety and Function, and Permit to Carry considerations (no live fire)
  2. Advanced Handgun with movement and scenarios (current CCW permit is required to enroll) 
  3. Mental Composure and Stress Inoculation class
  4. Unarmed Self-Protection Fundamentals class

MN Permit to Carry FAQ’s

Florida Out-of-State CCW Step-by-Step Guide

What you can expect in our MN Permit to Carry class: 


  • Rights, responsibilities, and laws for a concealed weapons permit holder.
  • Understanding of practical neuropsychology and our body alarm response to help you prepare if faced with a threat to your safety, armed or not.
  • How to practice and train so it will “be there” when you need it.
  • A review of the legal use-of-force considerations.
  • What to do/say (and what NOT to) after an encounter when LEO arrives.
  • How to safely interact with the police while armed (ex:  if pulled over)
  • Practical tips on holsters/belts/attire/lifestyle changes etc.

Dry-Fire Training is paramount to becoming competent with a handgun.  It creates strong neural pathways that you will rely on to survive a threat.

I hate lectures as much as you.  Our objective is making sure you leave better prepared than when you showed up.  Questions are expected and encouraged.  

Items to bring: 

  • Notepad and pen
  • MN DL or equivalent State ID
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Firearm, Ammo (two magazines worth minimum)
  • Payment can be made at class (cash or CC/PayPal are accepted)
  • Positive Attitude and willingness to learn.

No Firearm yet?  No problem…rental is $10.00 (on-site/includes ammo)

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