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MN Permit to Carry & Self-Protection Class

Bill of Rights Day Class

Friday, December 15th  9:30 am – 1:30 pm.  

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MN Permit to Carry FAQ’s


Florida Out-of-State Carry Permit Process

What are other students saying?

“I want to thank you again. Your class made me stop being complacent and not moving. Last night when I went to bed is the first time in more than 12 years that I fell straight asleep. Knowing that I can protect my family and not just be hoping nothing happens sure did take a load off. When I woke up, I went through my morning routine knowing that the fears that I continually had been dwelling on were changed from worrying to planning.” – R.B. White Bear Lake, MN

“Chris runs a very informative class and covers much more than concealed carry. Instructors in previous courses I have taken focused mostly just on the law and the firearm.  He brings a complete platform for self-defense that previous courses never addressed. I highly recommend you take this course and look forward to taking it again in 5 years.”
– M.V. Shorewood MN. – 

“Take his class. Excellent teacher.”   B.C. Minnetrista, MN – Private

“The class was informative and way beyond any other classes I have taken.”
– M.G. Watertown MN. – 

Conditioned Response’s mission is to help everyday citizens avoid, survive, and escape a threat to your safety, armed or not.  

If you have no experience with firearms, it can be daunting and overwhelming to start. 

We ask you to consider our training because I guarantee a comfortable atmosphere, no ego or pretense, Period.   

What will you receive in our MN Permit to Carry/CCW training? 


  • Your rights, responsibilities, and realities of having a concealed weapons permit.
  • How to practice.  What to practice.  Why to practice (so that your training will “be there” when you need it).
  • Use-of-Force considerations in defending yourself.
  • What to do and say following an encounter.  To 911 and Law Enforcement.
  • Safe interactions with the police if pulled over while armed.
  • Legal Carry laws in MN, reciprocity, travel.
  • Practical tips including intro to holsters/belts/attire/using a public restroom, etc.
  • Dry-Fire Training.  Why you should.  Dry-Fire is simply the best way to build your shooting competence.
  • Classes are conversational in nature and limited in size so you leave having gained actionable tips and strategies for STAYING SAFE and building your own self-protection plan.

I hate lectures as much as you.  We actually care if you leave better prepared than when you showed up.  Question!  

Items to bring: 

  • Payment is due the day of class (cash or CC/PayPal)
  • Notepad and pen
  • MN DL or equivalent State ID
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Firearm, Ammo (two magazines worth minimum)
  • An open Mind and Positive Attitude.

Need to borrow a Firearm?  Available for just $10.00 (on-site/includes ammo!)

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Pre-registration is required (click here) – limited seats and classes fill