“A commitment 

to practicing perfect repetitions of fundamental movements

to subconscious mastery

is the path to peak performance under stress.”

C.S. – Conditioned Response Founder 

Defensive Firearm Certifications:

  • USCCA Certified Training Counselor
  • USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor – Concealed Carry, Home Defense.

Defensive Handgun:

  • Force Recon Marine Chris Graham’s 30-10 Pistol course.
  • Int’l Combative Concepts (ICC) – Close Combat Shooting
  • Mike Oxner – 21-day Alpha Shooter course.

Personal Defense:

  • MN Kali Group: Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Concepts, Jun Fan Martial Arts, Panantukan, Muay Thai, Kali/edged weapons.
  • Target Focus Training – Tim Larkin
  • Blauer Tactical Solutions – Tony Blauer
    • Performance Enhancement Psychology
    • Cerebral Self-Defense – The Mental Edge
    • Meta-Cognition
  • Master Larry Wick – Tactical Street Survival™
    • Gun Defense, Knife Defense, and Hand-to-Hand 
  • C. Pizzo Close Combat Training:
    • Certified Close Combat Instructor – Combatives
      • Elite Close Combat
      • Advanced Scientific 
      • Hand-to-Hand


  • 1985 – Tae Kwon Do  (student, competitor, sparring instructor)
  • 2001 – MN Kali Group – consulted in creating a summer program for professional hockey players’ fighting tactics.
  • Dr. Jack Brown – UCLA – Non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence expert
  • Mike Gillette – Psychology of Strength and Mental Toughness Program
  • Founding Member of the Association of Positive Psychology Coaches
  • Pistol Range Coordinator – Minnetonka Sportsmen’s Club
  • Board of Directors – Minnetonka Sportsmen’s Club.  (Private shooting club)
  • Founded Quiet Pride LLC. 2014
  • President Microm, Inc. 1997-2017.  Co-owner


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