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Meet Our Team

Chris Sankey
Lead Instructor

Chris is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Conditioned Response.  Created to provide principle-based self-protection and personal development training.

Chris began training in traditional martial arts in 1986 (TKD) after growing up a youth wrestler.  He became a tournament competitor and sparring instructor for new students.   

Chris earned his Close Combat Certification in 2015 after joining the MN Kali Group (MKG) in 1999 to practice and study Filipino martial arts.  At MKG, he focused on Panantukan, edged weapons, JKD concepts, and Grappling.  He has studied Tang Soo Do under Master Wick and continues to train in modern self-protection systems including TFT, SCARS, and Guided Chaos. 

Chris is a hockey player who trained professional players in on-ice “fighting” tactics from 2001-2003.

He is currently a USCCA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor.  He has completed the International Combative Concepts Extreme Close Combat Shooting program, Force Recon Marine Chris Graham’s 30-day curriculum, and Mike Oxner’s 21-day Alpha Shooter program . 

Chris’ is a Certified Mental Game and Peak Performance Coach with a strong business background. He was the President of Microm, Inc. from 1998-2018, co-founder D3Defense LLC. ( and in 2019. 

Michael Duffy
Senior Instructor

Specialized in combining personal defense, health, and fitness with weapons and firearms training to provide each student the skills and confidence to escape an unavoidable threat safely.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Michael studied at Metro State University in Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.

As a martial artist of 24 years, he has earned instructorships and rankings under the top martial artists in some of the most effective fighting arts available today.

Michael has worked with, been taught by, and trained Operators, Law Enforcement Officers, and competitive shooters. 

In 2012, he became certified as an NRA pistol and CCW instructor offering personal protection instruction for citizens.  He delivers practical, real-life scenario training, heavily emphasizing situational awareness and home invasion tactics. 

Michael’s core belief is everyone has the ability, right, and responsibility to protect themselves.

Brian Oberschmid

Brian grew up in Minnesota and enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 years old. Brian served for 12 years on active duty and saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While in the Marine Corps, he specialized in close-quarters combat, marksmanship instruction, and battlefield trauma care.

While serving as the Chief Instructor for Marine combat marksmanship skills, he developed a passion for teaching firearm and emergency medical skills to increase positive outcomes in dangerous situations. He incorporates lessons and tactics learned from combat into his civilian curriculum and response to active shooter training. Brian is a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, permit to carry and Stop the Bleed instructor. He has provided training for multiple police and fire agencies in Minnesota while continuing to serve his community as a firefighter in the metro area

Casey Fryer

Casey brings his extensive background as a martial artist and survival teacher/trainer to our training team. His broad knowledge base in self-protection and self-reliance gives the everyday citizen a path to preparedness and survival in very challenging environments.

Casey’s training in martial arts began in 1998 under world renowned 5th generation master Gin Foon Mark where his focus was on kung fu techniques, feeling, timing, and Chi Kung. He expanded his training under the guidance of Joe McSorley in Philadelphia to study the more deliberate, defensive applications of the Southern Praying Mantis style of kung fu. He achieved a rank held by a total of five people, 6th Generation Closed Door Disciple, and later SiFu. 

Casey has received extensive wilderness survival training at The Tracker School under the direction of Tom Brown Jr where he was taught the ways of a Lipan Apache Scout/Shaman known as Stalking Wolf. After many courses and plenty of “dirt time” in training, he was offered a spot in a private group within The Tracker School. Upon acceptance, he became part of the Keepers of the Shadows, Scout division, and Wind Walker clan.

Casey is a USCCA certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer, a nationally certified Fitness Trainer, and Nutritional Coach, and a nationally certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


C.T.A.C. is rooted in the two paramount principles for defending yourself with a firearm:

1. Identify and know what you are shooting at.

2. You need to hit it.

CTAC prioritizes mastery of pistol fundamentals to subconscious competence, moving and shooting, decision-making under stress, and primary trauma care for protecting yourself while armed.

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