There is no Virtue in being harmless.

Everyone needs training…right after they needed training.”

Surviving a criminal threat requires practiced responses that are clear, and direct, and YOU can execute with total commitment. By “total commitment”, we mean what you see when a mama bear is protecting her cubs. She does not ponder or concern herself by what the predator intends to do, because she KNOWS what she is willing, capable, and going to do.

Conditioned Response was built using a principle-based approach to personal safety training (versus technique-centered) so you are empowered to survive an unscripted and dynamic survival situation. 

Trying to rely on techniques can be overwhelming and ineffective because “every technique has a counter, and every counter has a counter…”. Playing this “guessing game” can lead to hesitation when time is of the essence, or can lead to freezing/panic when faced with a real-life threat.

Truth: Conflict is Fluid.

The Solution:  Principle-Based Training.

Why train with us?

  1. Learn practical and applicable principles YOU can do to stay safe without years of training.
  2. Learn how to maintain your composure and manage fear.  They come first in an encounter and are trained the least.
  3. Begin building the authentic self-confidence and Command Presence that deters threats without saying a word.
  4. Adopt the “Prey-to-Predator” mindset shift to escape and incapacitate any threat.
  5. Become comfortable doing the uncomfortable.

Meet Our Team

Chris Sankey
Lead Instructor

Chris is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Conditioned Response, created in 2014 to provide practical, principle-based personal protection and self-reliance training for the citizen.

Michael Duffy
Senior Instructor

Specialized in combining personal defense, health and fitness with weapons and firearms training to provide each student the skills and confidence to safely escape an unavoidable threat.

Brian Oberschmid

Brian grew up in Minnesota and enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 years old. Brian served for 12 years on active duty and saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While in the Marine Corps, he specialized in close quarters combat, marksmanship instruction, and battlefield trauma care.

Casey Fryer

Casey brings his extensive background as a martial artist and survival teacher/trainer to our training team. His broad knowledge base in self-protection and self-reliance gives the everyday citizen a path to preparedness and survival in very challenging environments.

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