MN Enhanced CCW


  • MN Permit to Carry Certification.


Class Location: Minnetonka Sportsmen Club  

7480 County Road 15
Mound, MN 55364

This BCA-accredited MN Permit to Carry Certification course was created to educate, train, and provide dynamic and practical defensive firearm training.   Education in the use of force laws, firearm safety, and function will be covered, but this class is not a lecture only. 

We prioritize the following skills and you will learn:

  • Drawing from a holster from concealment in a variety of conditions.
  • 3-stages of weapon retention shooting (preventing criminal threats from taking your gun)
  • Delayed and obscured draw to presentation
  • Moving and shooting through crowds and space with a gun, quick threat determination, shoot/no shoot.
  • The  importance of being able to be “rude”
  • How to Practice and Drill to build skills to subconscious mastery.
  • Managing fear and cultivating a mindset to use the tool of violence when it is the only option.

Items to bring: 

  • 50 rounds ammunition
  • Pistol rental – $20.00 (9mm striker-fired handgun) 
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Athletic attire and weather-appropriate outerwear.

Event Details

Venue: 7480 County Rd 15, Mound, MN 55364